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Queen E. Sock Hop

Little Peter and the Elegants performed at Queen Elizabeth Senior Public School in March 1974-our second dance!

Not  Fade Away

Buddy Holly said it best. The paper may have yellowed but the music is still going strong! The first dance was in the PCSS cafeteria on Feb 15 1974. Check out the photos below from the LOG yearbook. The dance floor was packed!  

The PCSS LOG Yearbook 1974

The band made its debut at the Christmas Assembly in 1973. They performed 3 songs but didn't know a 4th one for the encore! The band reunited for the school's 70th (1990) and 75th (1995) Reunions.

Untitled 3.png

Peter Toller, Steve Choles, Ron Butler on vocals  (Steve also played sax)

Paul Germaine on guitar and vocals

Chris Beggs playing guitar

Ron Butler and Gord Carlton on vocals

Missing in these photos are Bill Woroshyl on piano and Scott Wilcox on drums and vocals.

Casino Rama | Feb 3 2010

Little Peter met (l to r) Jocko Marcellino, Screamin' Scott Simon and Donny York of Sha Na Na. After 40 years, they are still rockin'!


Fallsview Casino | May 30 2019

Andreas and Little Peter met Little Anthony after his show. The vocal harmonies of the group were as strong as ever! Little Anthony and The Imperials led Peter to call his band Little Peter and the Elegants back in 1973. The first slow song the band learned was Little Anthony's Tears on My Pillow!

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